2 rue du Pontis 06560 Valbonne

Tél. : 04 92 28 17 45

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The house of Guest  of the Rocher is located in the heart of the old village of Valbonne.

This village has preserved over time its sweetness of life and its traditional atmosphere. 

Located just few kilometers from Antibes and Cannes, Valbonne is a perfect starting point for discovering the Middle country of Azurean, rich in art and culture. 

Our guest room offers a unique and personalised service and you can enjoy  from its 4 rooms and suites decorates in a resolutely modern style.

Our guest room offers a unique and personalized service and you cans enjoy from its 4 rooms and suites decorates in a resolutely modern style.


Our living space of the full foot and in the heart of the village will make you discover his art gallery. 

In winter you can enjoy this quite atypical and warm place arranged arounf a larg central fireplace or enjoy the pleasures of summer on ou terrace.

To enhance you stay, we will offer a range of cultural and sporting activities.

Our first commitments is to adapt our activities to your every desires and aspirations.

The Rocher will organise punctually in the year of artistic meetings and conferences.
We will also offer, on request, a guest table service for private receptions, non-residents are also welcome.

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